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I recently authored two chapters in Hank Nuwer's new book, Hazing Destroying Young Lives - "Sexual Hazing: A Wrongful Passage" and "How Alfred University Ended the Greek System to Become a Hazing Research Institution.  I co-authored "A Coach's Guide to Hazing Prevention" and it is now available at the HazingPrevention.org website store or Amazon.

Services Available

As an Expert Witness my role is to give opinions on the facts of the case for the court. The scope of our relationship will include the following:

  • Review of all documents, reports, materials and depositions made available to me relating to this litigation;
  • Review of opposing expert’s report, if needed;
  • Prepare a report, if requested by you;
  • Assist in depositions of opposition and expert witnesses, as requested by you;
  • Any additional services requested by you relating to this litigation.

It is anticipated that our relationship will also include expert testimony at deposition and trial.

In my education and experience as a mental health counselor, university administrator and as a researcher, I have developed a special expertise in understanding hazing and effective prevention methods. I have given numerous presentations on the topic: representative topics include “Understanding the Culture and Dynamics of Hazing in Today’s Schools,” “Hazing and Initiation Rites,” and “Addressing Hazing and Initiation Rites in Schools: Intervention, Prevention & Policy Issues.” In the past few years I have been asked to be on the faculty for the HazingPrevention.org annual institute and national hazing symposium, as well as being on the faculty for the ASJA Donald D. Gehring Campus Judicial Affairs Training Institute special track on hazing. I have presented numerous times at national conferences, audio conferences and specialized workshops on the development of hazing prevention and risk management policies. All of these presentations involved working with specialize populations, including athletics and Greek letter organizations. 

As a researcher I have been a principal investigator in two national surveys: Hoover, N. & Pollard, N. (1999), Initiation rites and athletics: A national survey of NCAA sports teams, Alfred University and Reidman Insurance Co., Inc.; and Hoover, N. & Pollard, N. (2000), Initiation rites in American high schools: A national survey, Alfred University.

​​About Norm 

Dr. Norm Pollard, retired Dean of Students and a licensed mental health counselor, has professional interests that include effecting positive change to promote campus culture, student development issues, and educating students about hazing. Norm has appeared on all the major news networks to represent Alfred University's landmark studies on Initiation Rites and Athletics and Initiation Rites in American High Schools. Several high schools, colleges and communities have consulted with Norm to integrate the survey results into their anti-hazing programs. Norm has served as an expert witness in several civil litigation cases. He has been an invited speaker to a number of national and regional conferences, to speak on hazing and initiation rites. He holds a masters degree in agency counseling from Western State College and doctorate in counseling from Drake University. He has worked on college campuses since 1984 and was director of Alfred University's Counseling and Student Development Center until January, 2006, when he became the Dean of Students. An adjunct associate professor, he has taught graduate courses for the College Student Development, Counseling and School Psychology programs.

For more information about the studies Norm worked on, go to: